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Our Mission
APCCI plays a vital and active role in assisting Australian and Peruvian individuals and companies to expand their business. We support organizations and professionals by being a liaison between information, networking platforms and leaders. APCCI is always committed to sharing business advantages and possibilities of both countries.

Our Vision
Promote and stimulate commercial development and investment between Australian and Peruvian companies in a spirit of cooperation and social responsibility. Be strategic allies of government agencies to facilitate FTA’s.

Our Objectives
• Become a strategic and fundamental partner for our members in generating business opportunities, achieving their goals and a leader of Chambers of Commerce for Australia and Peru.
• Promote, protect and secure the commercial, economic, social and professional interests of our members and contribute in bringing to fruition business developments aimed by its members.
• Provide a tool for networking between private business and government institutions in both Australia and Peru.
• Organize seminars, forums and events in conjunction with Australian and Peruvian Government agencies.
• Foster visiting official & private Delegations from Australia and Peru.
• Reinforce a multicultural Australian Nation.
• Recognize excellence in Australian and Peruvian companies.

Membership of APCCI will enhance the understanding of the business
in Peru and Australia by contributing in bringing down the cultural barriers
and local business and regulatory requirements between both countries. Please click the button to download our BROCHURE.

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