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Pisco the Spirit of Peru

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In May 2017 APCCI alerted Peruvian authorities in Australia about a Winemaker in Western Australia who was producing a Wine distillate and calling it Pisco.

Pisco, as true pisco connoisseurs know, has its origins in certain coastal valleys of the South of Peru and only using certain varietals of grape and using a particular process and in many countries’ it is recognized by the Denomination of Origin. INDECOPI, in Peru has recently said: “Producers will have to pass the certification [process] before taking their products to the market. This is to guarantee their pisco has the characteristics consumers expect”.

Having producers do their own “version” of Pisco without following any recognized certification process, definitely puts into doubt the quality and claim to be a pisco. The fact that it is not produced in the Valleys of Southern Peru or using any of the known varietals already puts a question mark over this product.

We therefore support all the legal and consumer initiatives to protect the Denomination of Origin of the True Pisco.

A visit to the IP Australia page shows that the Government of Peru and Santiago Queirolo have put an opposition to the registration of the Wine Distillate in Australia calling itself Pisco. We congratulate them on this stance.


Pisco Peru


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