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Update News: Peru and Chile Stronger Partnership after the Decision

Dear Members and Friends:

In light of the upcoming decision on the Controversy surrounding maritime boundaries between Chile and Peru to be handed down on January 27th at the International Court of Justice in The Hague, The Australia Peru Chamber of Commerce, based in Sydney, would like to inform its members and friends the following:

• We subscribe to the opinions made in recent days by organizations like the Lima Chamber of Commerce (Camara de Comercio de Lima), CONFIEP (the Confederation of Private Enterprise Institutions of Peru) as well as other Business and Community associations and leaders in Peru which have in a recent meeting in Government Palace highlighted the leadership of President Ollanta Humala of Peru and his willingness to unite everyone behind the decision made by the International Court of Justice.
• We also subscribe to the opinion that the Decision whichever way it goes, must be taken calmly and without expressions of triumphalism should Peru obtain a positive decision. We must remember that this decision is part of a process where both countries will benefit and is part of the process of peace and integration, which is a fundamental step so both nations can continue to work towards economic growth and development.
• We would like to remind our members and friends that both Peru and Chile are partners in the Pacific Alliance and APEC. The partnership between Peru and Chile is very important as it represents US$3 billion Dollar Commercial exchange between the two countries and across border Investment between the two countries of about US$24 Billion Dollars.

We trust that both countries, whichever the result, will come out as stronger partners and that the brotherhood between our countries will only grow and develop even more.

Yours Sincerely,

Miguel Mudbidri


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